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All BExA Guides – listed below – can be downloaded. Subject to availability copies of these BExA Guides can be posted to UK exporters. There is a postage charge of £1.00 per copy. Contact Michelle Treasure.

BExA Guide to Letters of Credit after UCP600
BExA Guide on On-Demand Contract Bonds (updated 17/10/13)
Revised BExA Guide to Successful Exporting (2013)
BExA Guide on Retention of Title Clauses in Export Contracts
BExA Guide on Export Credit Insurance
BExA Guide to Financing Exports (added 20/10/2009)
BExA Guide to Export Compliance (added 12/05/2011)

BExA Commentaries

BExA Commentary – BPO – Bank Payment Obligation (added January 2014)
BExA Commentary – a Checklist for New Exporters (added February 2013)
BExA Commentary on INCOTERMS 2010 (added 30/03/2012)
BExA Commentary on Improving Credit from your supply chain (updated October 2013)

BExA Annual Review

2014/2015 (added 13/10/2015)
2013/2014 (added 02/10/2014)


Newsletter October 2015 (added 13/10/2015)
Newsletter February 2014 (added 23/02/2014)
Newsletter October 2013 (added 28/10/2013)
Newsletter May 2013 (added 14/05/2013)
Newsletter January 2013 (added 17/02/2013)
Newsletter October 2012 (added 28/09/2012)

Press Releases

6th Annual Benchmarking of UK Export Finance – Whole Government Support for Exporters
UK Export Finance: Supporting the National Export Challenge (added 13/10/2015)
BExA Press Release on BExA Manifesto for Exporters and 5th Annual UK Export Finance and ECA Benchmarking Paper (added 02/10/2014)
BExA Press Release on GTR BExA Young Exporter Award (added 02/10/2014)
BExA Press Release on 2013/14 UKEF Annual Report (added 19/06/2014)
BExA Press Release on 2014 Budget announcement on UKEF (added 19/03/2014)

BExA Submissions

BExA submission to Concessional Export Finance Consultation (added 13/10/2015)

BExA Manifestos

BExA Manifesto for Exporters – August 2016
BExA Manifesto October 2014

Other Useful Information

Note on Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees

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